PNG_369x492SonoConsultants is a team of board registered RVT/RVS and clinically trained sonographers who provide extremely detailed venous insufficiency ultrasound exams.  We also provide training in the comprehension and detection of venous disease to Sonographers and office staff. We have extensive experience in training for procedures such as ultrasound guided vein therapy, i.e. Radiofrequency and Laser thermoablations, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy (UGFS), understanding microphlebectomies and various telangiectasia (spider vein) treatments to physicians and practitioners who plan to incorporate vein therapy into their practice. Our team of sonographers are trained in setting up for procedures either in medical offices or surgical centers, including sterile preparation of the patient, room and procedure tables. One of our main goals is optimizing physician time.  Mr. Marino has constructed a protocol that can run multiple procedure rooms simultaneously, which has proven to decrease procedure time and increase revenue.

Additionally, SonoConsultants provides its consulting and training services nationally to physicians, sonographers, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses. All of the training, including sonograms, is performed on-site at your medical facility, e.g. hospital, office or surgery center, and follows a didactic, hands-on approach that allows us to focus intensely on evaluating, diagnosing, and discerning vein treatment options by scanning and detecting venous insufficiency of the Deep and Superficial venous system, as well as mapping out the Great and Small Saphenous veins. We will also be evaluating perforators, varicosities, telangiectasia’s and tributaries for signs of incompetency.

Furthermore, because we have solidified partnerships with industry leaders in vein ablation products, such as VenaCure (laser) and VNUS/Covidien (radiofrequency), SonoConsultants can set up your practice to offer whichever vein closure product suits you and your facility best. Call us today to speak with a consultant and review your options!

Here is a current list of available training options: